Yoga is the subject of world-wide interest, getting popularity all over the world. But the understanding levels and quality is different. People are understanding the yoga Teacher training as a physical training for physical fitness.

Yoga a teacher is not just the teacher of School and colleges who guide professional skills, but Yoga Teacher is generally call Yoga Master or Guru, have more responsibility of all dimensions of life. The word Guru where Guru stands for darkness and Ru stands for lightness.

So Yoga guru brings lightness in darkness in life and leads her/ him to have health, happiness and harmony. All Yoga Teacher must know this beautiful identification and choice.

Yoga is science of life or mastery over mind or science of happiness. It is the ancient science with more about 15 thousands of history; it’s not science, just few years or few decades old. In Yoga Teacher Training course, the trainees are able to experience the true sense of yoga.

Nepal is tiny mountainous country situated two big countries China and India with so many diversities with cultural beauty, natural beauty, humor beauty, wisdom beauty, and lots of socio–cultural factors. It is the origin place of Yoga and almost eastern philosophy where Yoga Teacher training will be more fruitful and meaningful.

Some reasons to choose your Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) in Nepal are highlighted below.

  1. to understand the true yoga in literal and ethical prospective
  2. to learn yoga on the land of Shiva and Shakti, Maharshi Kapil (Sankhya Yoga), Patanjali ( Yoga Philosophy),  Buddha (Peace and love) and so on.
  3.  to perform Yoga practice with scientific rules following the theory of cause and effects
  4. to view about the Body science as a laboratory for yoga experiments
  5. to learn traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga on true yogic patterns, and to cover all traditional yoga mentioned in different texts Karma, Bhakti, Gyana, Mantra, Dhyana Yoga, Kundalini yoga but   not to do as a glamour way
  6. to learn in very literal way of yogic norms and values submitting all sequences
  7. to submit the whole journey of yoga from beginning levels to Higher levels in yogic orders
  8. to do yoga teacher training with some spiritual healing and spas
  9. to stay on the lap of nature surrounded by jungles from 3 sides jungle and one side view whole Katmandu city
  10. to feel your stay like own home and being a part of yogic family
  11. to get different experience of Nature hiking yoga, world heritage site seeing yoga
  12. to get yoga alliance certificate for global validity

Why is this YTT special?

Independent testimonials attest to the success of our efforts to provide the best yoga teacher training. We have earned a reputation for providing the highest caliber YTT and preparing our pupils for the truth.

Our instructors have backgrounds in classical yoga. Experts from India and Nepal teach the classes, along with some foreign guest teachers. This makes sure that the information you receive covers a wide range of topics, from theory to actual applications, and that you are aware of the connection between yogic science and the human body. Our mission is to offer yoga authenticity, traditions, and a contemporary, scientific approach. We teach according to the old yoga schools’ methods, which are suitable for beginners to expert students.