yoga alliance

This school of yoga has uniquely developed its own curriculum-texts, program, therapies, healing, techniques of meditation and services to provide a reliance to the society and individuals to grow on self into harmony.

The school is centrally working in the following ethics:

For visitors:

Daily visitors can attend yoga therapies, healing and blessing from the Guru.

For practitioners:

Package-programmer for basic growth and advance knowledge has been designed in terms of days and the level of each practitioners.


The disciples are offered sacred mantras for inner growth to attain association, purification and salvation.


These lecture series in different subjects of spiritual wisdom blissfully addressed by Guru through seminars workshops and discourse programmes to heal the people of different genius and intellect, interrupting their dwellings of mind, to sketh the smiles in their faces.

Shanti Yoga Academy : Text and Curriculum:

For the first time sadguru has unveiled each and every details of self-growth and his works have been compiled in following different catagorie

(1) SYA -self realization

  1. Sya-Encounter with self
  2. Sya- self management
  3. Sya –Know theyself
  4. Sya- self healing
  5. Sya-self awakening

(2) Sya- Mantra

  • Sya matra-yoga- sound as a vehicle of transcendence
  • Sya– sho hum japa
  • Sya- art of dying
  • Sya-laya yoga (dissolving the universe)


  • Sya-Sukshma byaayam
  • Sya-praan Kriya

(4) Shanti Yoga Academy–philosophy

  • Sya- oneness
  • Sya– participatory theory
  • Sya- An interpretation of Hindu mythology in terms of physics.

(5) hiyan- therapies

  • Sya–Association, the Ultimate care
  • Sya- spiritual healing (purifying  emotion, Mana)
  • Sya- cosmic healing (purifying  thoughts,Mastisk)
  • Sya- Kaya healing ( felling energy   )
  • Sya – Panchakarma(purifying Boby , Deha)

(6) Sya– personality Diagnosis

  • Sya– perosonality composition
  1. Body                  : Bio-logical composition
  2. Mind                  :Emotional composition

                                 (Cosmic composition)

  • Soul                   Spiritual body composition