Namobuddha-Panauti Yoga Hike with Shanti Yoga Academy

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  • 40 Members
  • 06:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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  • Shanti yoga studio
  • Sunday - Saturday

Discover Tranquility: Namobuddha-Panauti Yoga Hike with Shanti Yoga academy


Embark on an enriching journey with Shanti Yoga Academy’s Namobuddha-Panauti Yoga Hike, a captivating and accessible hiking experience around the Kathmandu valley. This trail, rich in cultural diversity, takes you to the sacred Namobuddha Stupa, providing a serene atmosphere with the melodious sounds of birds and rustling leaves.


Starting Point Destination Highlights
Panauti Namobuddha Stupa – Picturesque views of greenery and ancient temples
– Tranquil village life insight near Kathmandu
– Namobuddha, the third most significant Buddhist pilgrimage
Sunrise Height Raniban – Witness the sunrise at Raniban, Kathmandu, Nepal


Trip Highlights

  • Panauti: A village nestled 32 km southeast of Kathmandu, showcasing Hindu temples, village life, and scenic landscapes.
  • Namobuddha: Home to the Namobuddha Monastery, hosting 250 monks and thousands of pilgrims annually.
  • Cultural Unity: A journey reflecting the convergence of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimages.
  • Sunrise Height Raniban: Experience the mesmerizing sunrise in Kathmandu, Nepal.






What’s Included?

Inclusions Details
Transportation One very nice driver with a brand new car.
Pick-up/Drop-off From/to your hotel or airport.
Hiking Guide Expert guidance throughout the hike.
Hiking Pass (Entrance Fees) Permit required for Namobuddha Stupa.
Meals Enjoy a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Sunrise Experience Witness the sunrise at Raniban.
Cost $85 per person.

What’s Excluded?

Exclusions Details
Monument Entrance Fee If visited.
Tips For driver and yoga guru.
Extra Shopping All additional purchases.


Immerse yourself in the beauty of Panauti, the spiritual ambiance of Namobuddha, and the mesmerizing sunrise at Raniban with Shanti Yoga Acamedy ‘s guided hike. For bookings and inquiries, contact us at +977 985-1134323 or Visit our website at for more details.

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