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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program in Nepal

“Elevate your yoga practice with Aerial Yoga Teacher Training at Shanti Yoga Academy. Dive into the art of suspended asanas, gain expertise in aerial yoga techniques, and become a certified aerial yoga instructor. Join us on a transformative journey blending traditional yoga wisdom with the liberating experience of aerial movement. Embrace the fusion of mindfulness and levitation at Shanti Yoga Academy’s Aerial Yoga Teacher Training – where the sky’s the limit for your yoga potential.”

Led by Savyata Giri and Bengopal. While I don’t have real-time information about specific studios, I can offer some advice on how to find the best Aerial Yoga studio in Nepal. Online Reviews: Check online platforms such as Google, Help, or specialized yoga community websites for reviews on Aerial Yoga studios in Nepal. Reading about the experiences of other practitioners can give you insights into the quality of teaching, facilities, and overall atmosphere. Social Media: Explore social media platforms to find posts and reviews from people who have attended Aerial Yoga classes in Nepal. Yoga communities often share their experiences on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Ask locals: If you have contact or friends in Nepal, ask them for recommendations. Locals are likely to have firsthand knowledge of the various yoga studios and can provide valuable insights. Visit Studios: If possible, visit the studios in person to get a feel for the environment, talk to instructors, and observe a class if they allow it. This can help you gauge the atmosphere and teaching style. Certifications and Instructors: Look for studios that have certified instructors with a strong background in Aerial Yoga. Your description already mentions certified teachers, so it’s a good indicator of the program’s credibility. Cost and Schedule: Consider your budget and schedule when choosing a program. Ensure that the cost is reasonable for the value provided, and the schedule fits your availability. Yoga Alliance Certification: If Yoga Alliance certification is important to you, ensure that the studio is affiliated and that their Teacher Training program meets the necessary standards for registration. Word of Mouth: If you have connections in the yoga community, ask for recommendations. Personal recommendations can carry a lot of weight and provide insights that you might not find in online reviews. Remember to reach out directly to the studio for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their programs, schedules, and any other inquiries you may have.

It seems like you’re providing information about two different options for a program or service, each with a specified duration, cost, and inclusion of food and accommodation. Let me break down the information: Option 1: Duration: 50 hours over 6 days Cost: $490 Inclusions: Food and accommodation Option 2: Duration: 100 hours over 10 days Cost: $750 Inclusions: Food and accommodation These options suggest a longer program (100 hours over 10 days) at a higher cost ($750) compared to a shorter program (50 hours over 6 days) at a lower cost ($490). Both options include food and accommodation in their respective prices. The choice between the two would likely depend on your preferences, schedule, and budget.

Explore the essential elements of instructing aerial yoga through our comprehensive teacher training program. This course delves into the foundational principles and safety considerations, providing you with the knowledge to confidently design and themes classes. Structured to support continuous development, our training covers sequencing, restorative applications, and the unique benefits of inversion. Discover the transformative power of inversion and handstands in Shanti Yoga, where the mental and physical aspects seamlessly merge, leaving you elevated from within. Hanging upside down in a safe environment offers a fresh perspective, emphasizing that many things are a matter of viewpoint. Unlike traditional home workouts focused solely on physical flexing, our practice not only nurtures your body but also enriches your mind. Experience the profound effects of deep Shavasana and meditative practices within the cocoon of your hammock. Gravity becomes a guiding force, fostering calmness, enhancing brain functionality, and alleviating depression and anxiety. Our exclusive hammock system enables you to blend yoga with the therapeutic benefits of a floating experience, allowing you to defy gravity and immerse yourself in the expanses of your consciousness. Aerial Yoga at Shanti Yoga goes beyond a workout; it’s a joyful journey facilitated by our unique hammock system. As the only dedicated Aerial studio in Nepal, we take pride in offering a specialized teacher training program tailored to your needs as an instructor. Teaching a practice characterized by pleasure, lightness, spontaneity, presence, and freedom of movement in the heart of Kathmandu is a privilege we extend to you. Upon completion of our program, we aim for our graduates to be ready and proficient in delivering safe, enjoyable, and comprehensive classes. Our goal is to eliminate the necessity for additional bridging courses, ensuring that you can immediately step into teaching with confidence and competence. Join us at Shanti Yoga, where we embrace the fun and transformative power of Aerial Yoga.

What You’ll Learn:

Versatile Use of the Swing: Discover the diverse applications of the swing for purposes such as back-care, strength building, and enhancing flexibility. Asana Comparisons: Explore asana variations with and without the swing, and learn how to use the hammock as a versatile and supportive prop in your practice. Aerial Class Planning: Develop the skills to plan and sequence Aerial classes effectively. Learn adjustments, cueing techniques, and a comprehensive list of Aerial Asanas to enrich your teaching repertoire. Attire Guidance: Understand what to wear in your Aerial Yoga class for comfort and safety. Prerequisites: A 200-hour yoga teacher training is required for enrollment in our Level 1 and 2 trainings, ensuring a foundational understanding of yoga principles. Experiential Learning: Keep a journal of your experiences with the swing, preparing you to demonstrate a mini class as part of the course requirements. Attendance at Aerial classes may be recommended to enhance your personal learning and experience. Accreditation: Receive 50 accredited Level 1 hours upon completion of the course. These hours can stand alone or contribute towards your 300-hour training. The course consists of 40 contact hours and 10 hours dedicated to preparation and homework. Certificate of Completion: To obtain a certificate of completion, students must successfully fulfill the course requirements, showcasing their understanding and proficiency in Aerial Yoga instruction. Embark on a transformative journey with our Level 1 Aerial Yoga training, where you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to teach Aerial classes with confidence and creativity.

Physical Benefits:

Spinal Relief: Aerial Yoga alleviates compression in the spine, promoting spinal health. Central Nervous System Challenge: Engage and challenge your central nervous system, mental capacity, and proprioception through Aerial Yoga practices. Strength and Stability: Enhance pull strength, core stability, and contribute to the healing and strengthening of back injuries. Suitable for All Levels: Perfect for beginners and individuals at all skill levels. Whole-Body Workout: A comprehensive workout that targets small stabilizer muscles, promoting overall physical fitness. Improved Circulation and Lung Capacity: Enhance blood circulation and lung capacity, slowing the effects of aging. Stability and Balance: Develop improved stability, balance, and functional mobility.

Mental Benefits:

Neural Connection: Aerial Yoga stimulates the creation of new neural connections, fostering brain health. Pineal Gland Stimulation: Stimulation of the pineal gland promotes a sense of calmness and contributes to improved sleep. Feel-Good Chemicals: Increase the production of feel-good chemicals such as endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. Neurotransmitter Production: Trigger the production of neurotransmitters, enhancing overall well-being and happiness. Self-Confidence: Aerial Yoga builds and reinforces self-confidence, fostering greater focus and concentration. Memory Improvement: Improve recall memory and retention through mindful practice. Mindfulness and Joy: Cultivate mindfulness, gratitude, and joy through the practice of Aerial Yoga. Asanas/Poses You’ll Learn: Root Chakra (Spine): Camel, Ragdoll, Swimmer, Frog, Butterfly Sacral Chakra (Hip Opening): Hip Flexor Solar Plexus Chakra (Core): Warrior 1 & 2 & 3, Triangle, Chair, Eagle, Cobra, Plank, Tree, Bow, Pigeon, Core Handstand, Handstand, Shoulder stand Heart Chakra (Chest): Back Bend, Half Lotus, Upward & Flying Monkey, Namaste Throat Chakra (Neck): Down Dog, Up Dog, Wide Leg Dog, Inverted & Floating Twist Third Eye Chakra (Intuition): Half Moon, Natraj, Star, Airplane, Angel Wings, Happy Buddha, Seated Bend And many more, showcasing a comprehensive array of poses designed to nurture physical and mental well-being, drawing from years of expertise and hands-on experience in Aerial Yoga

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