Yoga has evolved into one of the most important life skills that humans have ever possessed. Trainees gain strong and solid yoga teaching skills as well as yoga confidence. This helps them later in life by generating a peaceful life.

Shanti Yoga Academy (SYA) and Retreat Center can offer you the best-valued prices and centers for doing and practicing yoga as a teacher. It not only develops skills for teaching, but also for personal practice in order to gain peace of mind and an understanding of the importance of yoga, asanas, mantra chanting, Ayurveda, mudras, and many other practices that are extremely beneficial in creating meaningful and peaceful life.

Teaching System

Shanti Yoga Academy Hatha & Yin Yoga as a pathway to health ,happiness and Harmony for people at all levels of consciousness. Hatha yoga emphasizes the development of power latent in the chakras in a systematic manner to heal and balances all aspects of human beings- including the physical, emotional, vital, mental, and spiritual bodies – and eventually leads to supreme consciousness, the aim of the human life.

Hatha yoga starts with the gross level-body and gradually transitions to the subtle-level consciousness. This teaching system offers the evolutionary process from Hatha yoga, meditation through the body, to Astanga yoga, meditation through the mind, to Mantra yoga, meditation through sound, to Kundalini yoga, meditation through the chakras, and ultimately to Shiva-Shakti yoga, meditation through the internal masculine and feminine energies.

About Founder Chairman – change to – Madhav Adhikari (Atma Swami)

Madhav, the founder and chairman of Shanti Yoga Academy, began studying yoga at the age of 15. Initially, her parents disapproved of her learning yoga so he snuck out of the house early in the morning and offered vegetables from the family garden as payment for class.

Her unwavering determination finally earned his family’s support and he was sent with blessings to India And Nepal where he completed a teacher training certificate course at Himalayan Yoga Academy and was initiated by Swami Yogsubod.

Returning to Nepal, the land of Himalayas, he deepened her knowledge by studying Kundalini and Hatha yoga with Swamiji by teaching classes.

Since childhood he had a vision to open a Yoga school to teach spiritual sciences and in 2017 her established Shanti Yoga Academy. To financially support the Ashram, her taught yoga classes for ten years at Manaslu public school in Kathmandu.

Gaining a strong reputation as a great yoga teacher, he was selected out of 1000 candidates to teach yoga in nepal, India,Bangkok, Thailand for 15 days and then obtained another opportunity to teacher in Malaysia  for another Half of month, this time conducting yoga teacher training course.

Nepal’s top yoga teacher training programs Shanti Yoga Academy and yoga Retreat Center may be your best option if you’re looking for the top yoga teacher training and yoga certification programs in Nepal.

For many years, Motimaya founder of the Shanti Yoga Academy in Nepal has been training and certifying yoga instructors. Yoga experts and instructors travel to Shanti Yoga Academy to study with top-tier certified yoga teachers.

Since there are undoubtedly other training facilities and institutes that claim to be the greatest, we advise you to get some comments and advice from our students before coming here. Sya is the best yoga school in Nepal for aspiring instructors. Since there are undoubtedly other training facilities and institutes that claim to be the greatest, we advise you to get some comments and advice from our students before coming here. SYA offers the best yoga teacher education programs in Nepal.

The first yoga and spiritual learning center were built in Nepal, and it was this country that introduced yoga teacher training programs. This institute specializes in imparting the classical, traditional, and fundamental yoga system. An excellent career is in yoga. The finest 200-hour yoga teacher training programs in Nepal last 20 days.